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Photography Masterclass

14 Live Remote Modules that cover every aspect of the craft. 16 hours of pure photography deep dive. Everything needed to start shooting professionally asap and move away from the dreaded "auto" button.

  1. INTRODUCTION - using photography to tell stories

  2. GEAR - understanding the best gear to get the job done, lenses, bodies and  tools

  3. ARCHIVE - asset management and workflow

  4. SOFTWARE - how to get the most out of your most efficient stack

  5. BASICS I - exposure beast

  6. BASICS II - movement and depth

  7. REVIEW - working on an assignment

  8. COMPOSITION - tangents, background vs foreground, lenses.

  9. REVIEW - working on an assignment

  10. LIGHT - beyond power: colour and composition

  11. REVIEW - working on an assignment

  12. FLASHES - how to always have the perfect light for the job

  13. SMARTPHONES - using smartphones like a pro

  14. CONCLUSION - getting the job done

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