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Billions Of Dollarinos Are Being Burnt On Digital Advertising. WTF?!?

EPIPHANY - It was in 2018. Ray decided to create ForeQuest and dive headfirst into the explosive Mobile Advertising playground. He had spent years directing intense digital marketing investments and dealing with heartfelt frustration. Yes, pearls of sweat on his forehead as he is spending tens of thousands of GBPs for stakeholders who are selling phenomenal products and getting astonishing results. Why? Because conversion rates hit the benchmarks, always.

But - and as they say in Texas, everyone has a big but - Ray wanted better conversion. Aren't these benchmarks "determined" by the same cats who rake the cash in? What if the whole system is somewhat and inadvertently triggered by the way it evolved?

It's all voodoo. Maybe we are accepting the truth without challenging it.

The undeniable truth is that DIGITAL CONVERSION SUCKS! Legitimate studies prove that up to 44% of digital marketing budgets are wasted on "Ad Blindness" (a cognitive defence mechanism that deletes ads from our view as we browse - read more about it here). 

Houston, we have a problem.

But people in Houston don't seem to care.

OK. Challenge taken. It's time to think strategically and act upon it.

Next up: identity a specific segment.

The entire digital marketing thing is booming, but we spend 70% of our online time on smartphones, and mobile advertising is taking a Usain-Bolt-style lead (click here to see 9.58 seconds of what we're talking about). That's the segment.

Do we have a solution?



  • get to work

  • shift the paradigm

  • challenge the status quo

  • develop a disruptive AI-driven data model

  • take a good stab at a $250B segment

The Stupendous Why​


We love the era of Attention Economy, and we love that advertising is the driving force behind every business making money.


Today we have the unprecedented opportunity to turn “oh fuck not, another ad!” into “yes please, I love this, give me more!”


This is our mission: we are shifting the paradigm to make mobile advertising as awesome as it should be - and we pay respect to the planet while doing so.



Ray Tarantino (Founder & CEO of ForeQuest)

The Marvelous How​

We have engineered an innovative machine-learning driven data model that makes real-time adjustments to content distribution rules; deciding based on how users specifically act to in their "here and now". What? Exactly that.

In other words: we have designed a system that operates one step ahead of Big Data. Sweet, right?

And for those of you who are getting all adrenaline shaky about this, yes: it's all protected by several badass pages of thick and well-documented innovation, and the whole thing is patent pending.

Plus - as if that wasn't enough - we've also found a behavioural sweet spot where we can shifts the user/ad paradigm at its core, boosting conversion rates all the way up to 40 times more.

The Disruptive What

So, the bottom line is that FOREQUEST is a conversion boosting mobile advertising platform.

But some shareholders are rightfully concerned with what will happen to their commitment, and in a way we're thinking about that too. So we've worked out this elegant monetization hybrid that brings together the best of two worlds:

The "Advertising Technology" side of FOREQUEST, a fun to play smartphone app.

  • delivered through a free-to-play augmented reality game

  • built for a values-driven community

The "Marketing Technology" side of FOREQUEST, a SaaS that brands can add to their funnel to harness the power of synergy and radically improve their conversion model effectiveness.

  • built as integration for any smartphone-based marketing funnel

  • engineered for adaptive integration

Whatever it is we do, in either of these two segments, we're monetising connections. That works, we all know it does.

But the best part of this whole system is that a substantial portion of the result will go straight back into our only home, our planet; and will help even the most distant cousin of our extended family.

We consider this a significant step towards making global adverting efforts so much better for everyone; including earthlings who don't know a thing about brands, and humans who weren't fortunate enough to find themselves in the position of having to decide which of two pairs of sneakers they're going to buy today.



Marco Cognetti



Graduated in International Marketing at the University of Pavia. Marco has an extended entrepreneurial activity in various areas of his field, ranging from traditional communication to innovative technologies for corporate customers. Marco has profound experience in digital strategy, e-commerce management, mobile marketing and start-up development. Marco is also engaged in university postgraduate teaching activities.

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